What I used for this site.


I would like for a long time to create my own blog or website for noting purposes. As usual, I search the internet for a while to find the most appropriate tools that will help me achieve my own requirements. Here are my requirements with the answer.

  1. Content Management: It need to be a simple site. Not simple as in easy, but simple as in simple to config and deploy. The answer is Zola. Zola is a static site generator. You write a markdown file to act as content for your page. Thereafter, let's Zola generates the page based on your preferred template. Zola will also link all the pages together based on your predefined template too. So, you only need to create the template only once. After that you create only the content. When you build, Zola will then create a public folder for you to deploy.
  2. CSS: It need to be fast, responsive, and modern. As I am quite bad with CSS, so I decide to go with a CSS framework called Bulma to help me create this site. Zola provides a SASS compiler. Hence I can easily modify Bulma color.
  3. Server: One of my 2020 goals is to learn about BSD (FreeBSD and OpenBSD to be precise). I decide to go with OpenBSD for my 5$ VPS and FreeBSD for my upcoming desktop.
  4. Web Server: As OpenBSD provides httpd(the OpenBSD's httpd not the Apache one) by default, I decided to go with that instead of Nginx and other.

TLDR: I created this site with Zola, Bulma, Httpd, and OpenBSD.

For questions and comments, please send it to my public mailing list. Thank you.